“The force of nature who was also my beloved longtime neighbor and dog walkin…

“The force of nature who was also my beloved longtime neighbor and dog walkin…


“The force of nature who was also my beloved longtime neighbor and dog walking partner, Larry Kramer, died today in his apartment on Washington Square Park where he and I live.

Larry and I met through our dogs two decades ago (we loved terriers) and became sort of building “girlfriends” schmoozing and ranting about politics in the hallways, walking our dogs together. I of course knew very well who he was but he had no idea what I did and we never spoke about it. Only exception was when @newyorkermag did my profile years ago and he grabbed me in the elevator and said, “GURL I didn’t know you were such a big deal.” lol.

I’d always try to get him to come up to have dinner on my terrace (he lived on the third floor) but he had agoraphobia and refused to take an elevator higher than the fourth floor so it never happened.

Larry loved our special building which has been home to many unique New Yorkers over the years. Before I met Larry, I used to ride up the elevator with the late Bella Abzug the flamboyant congresswoman and in later years I’d ride up with the late Edie Windsor the LGBTQ activist who forever changed the trajectory of gay marriage. To Larry’s dismay, his nemesis NYC Mayor Ed Koch also lived here til his death. Larry’s hatred for the closeted Koch was real and our doormen would try to keep them out of each other’s crosshairs.

Recently, a plaque was dedicated out front to Edie Windsor (joining plaques on either side of the front door for Abzug and Koch). I was away for the ceremony but heard that after the speech Larry took the floor to announce that when HIS plaque was put up (postmortem) he needed a guarantee from the board of directors that he would not be on the same side as Koch. ?

Check out this picture I snapped of Larry in my lobby. I was waiting for an Uber and he saw me and stopped to schmooze then asked if he could try on my glasses. We laughed really hard and I snapped it

Larry was a fierce fighter whose anger fueled so much of his life and work. I only hope that his spirit pushes current anger and tenacity into activism going forward because we need it now more than ever. RIP, neighbor.” — by @kimpaper #whatisrememberedlives


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