AIDS Walk OKC, PO Box 60778, Oklahoma City, OK 73146

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Organizations We Support

Latino Community Development Agency

Information about the Latino Community Development Agency is coming soon.

Other Options, Inc. Friends Food Pantry

OOI operates the Friends Food Pantry, the largest food pantry in western Oklahoma serving people living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma, Inc

Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma, Inc. provides prevention education to area groups without other means of financial support.

RAIN Oklahoma

RAIN-Oklahoma provides health care and support services to qualifying persons, including peer education and non-medical practical assistance to people living with HIV/AIDS throughout the state of Oklahoma through a strong network of volunteers.

Red Rock Behavioral Health Services

Red Rock Behavioral Health Services provides primary health care services to individuals with a psychiatric diagnosis. Services will be limited to primary health care and screening, prescribing medications etc.

Be The Change

Be The Change is dedicated to inspiring and empowering people to connect with our marginalized citizens through service and advocacy; working together to build and sustain healthy communities.

Guiding Right

Congratulations to all of these worth-while and beneficial organizations that do amazing work on behalf of the entire community!